​​​ Welcome to Turkey Hollow, a primitive camping ground located in Holmes County among the rolling foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Our hope is to stay as true to our claim as possible; to be an oasis of simplicity in life's busy thrall. Tent camping nowadays is less common than one might think, and like the forests surrounding our little haven, fading quickly.
    Hopefully a night lulled by the crickets and rocked by the stars will do you some good, or maybe that simple pleasure is not enough. A morning of fishing might suit you better, or strolling through the forest. Expect no more than what we used to do in our leisure time, though. Be it swimming, hiking, fishing or laughing with friends around the fire, may Turkey Hollow please the outdoorsman in you.

   If you are a cyclist and are coming from the Ohio Erie Trail make sure you exit the trail at Walmart and go across the parking lot towards McDonalds and you will see county road 58 across from it. Follow 58 up the hill to Township road 102 to get to the camp. The gps will normally map you up the south end and that is gravel and a hard push up the hill. 

​$25.00 per site and 2 adults; $10 each for each additional adult; children 6 and under free. Wood is $5 each arm load. Entrance to camp is a sharp gravel switchback, so take corners WIDELY.